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Your vision is our vision,

your dream is our dream.


Bono foundation is a non-profit organization. It was initiated in 2014 by a group of university student who were inspired by the challenges they faced in high school. The students saw the necessity of creating a platform, that will enable high school learners to gain access to university information and possible funding opportunities. Bono Foundation was then founded in 2015 with a vision of making impact in the lives of the youth. Serving the community with passion being one of the core values, the volunteers work devotedly to render best quality services. The foundation is mainly focused on educating young people from disadvantaged rural areas, where the quality of education is below average standard due to lack of resources.
Bono is a Venda word which means vision. This name reflects the main objective of the foundation, which is to make young people realise and fulfil their visions.

“Your vision is our vision, your dream is our dream”, is the slogan of the foundation. It communicates the idea that the volunteers of the foundation are there to help young people fulfil their dreams as if those dreams were their own.

Our vision as Bono foundation is to move towards a society made of knowledgeable, informed and successful young people.

Programmes and Events

Career and Varsity Life Awareness (CAVALIA)
is a day where we give high school learners
information. This information encompasses
career opportunities, tertiary life survival tips,
and possible funding opportunities. We also
hand out application forms to learners who
haven’t yet applied to various high education
The mentorship program is one where
grade 12 learners are allocated mentors.
The mentorship program is renewed
on an annual basis. The main aim of the
program is to help keep the learners
accountable of their schoolwork.
Furthermore,the mentors also guide the
learners through the application process
to tertiary institutions and provide
information with regards to career
opportunities, bursaries and scholarships.
This is a 2-week programme where we do
peer tutoring. Volunteers who performed
well in their subjects in matric offer tutoring
to high school learners. Most of the volunteers
are students from institutions
of higher learning and they receive training
prior the tutoring. They help learners with
their major subjects, particularly
areas they are struggling with, under the
supervision of professional educator
As part of motivation, BONO foundation takes
time to physically go to the schools we are
working with (currently 8) and motivate learners.
These talks are done at the start
of the academic year in January. With an aim of
inspiring the to work diligently, from the
first day of term to the day they write
their final exam. The motivational speakers are
the previous year’s matriculants who performed
exceptionally well. By exceptionally well we mean
to the extent of being the top learner in the
province or even country. These learners
share their success stories, as well as how
they managed to achieve such
results whilst living in similar communities.
Annual Awards and Fundraising Events
This is an annual event where learners who
have improved their performance and those who
out-performed others are recognized. We also
recognize the contribution of our most valuable
assets: the mentors and tutors for their
most valued voluntary work. The Executive
committee also gives an annual performance
report of the Foundation to different stakeholders.

What the people say

Bono Foundation helped me to improve my matric results, this was a result of the winter vacation that they held in my high school
David East
Netshitavhadulu Rilinde
Bono alumni
I love working with people, being a mentor in this organisation has allowed me to contribute towards the lives of rural underprivileged pupils; most importantly it has allowed me the opportunity to shape future impactors!
Holly Lloyd
Humbelani Masikhwa
I am very happy to have someone who is currently working in the field that I aspire to be a part of in the very near future
Brad Green
Mudzanani Tshimangadzo